How To Choose The Right Closeout And Liquidation Partner

Overstock F.A.Q

1. REPUTATION. When liquidating inventory it is important to work with a reputable closeout company that specializes in overstock clearance, asset disposal and slow moving inventory. Merchandise USA has been a respected closeout and overstock buyer since 1984. We are financially capable of handling almost any size deal, and we make immediate buying decisions. If you want to sell obsolete or excess inventory, contact us today. We are more than happy to provide you with references, information on how our liquidation process works, what you can expect from a wholesale liquidator, and what price parameters you may get for your surplus inventory.

2. CREDIT. When you are having a liquidation sale we will never ask you for extended payment terms. Our policy from the beginning has been simple and fair. As soon as your order is received and checked into our warehouse, we pay in full. All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to confirm your counts are accurate. We are a well established surplus liquidator and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Merchandise USA has never had a vendor who didn't get paid. We are one of the oldest wholesale liquidators in the industry and take our vendor relationships very seriously. When you have problem inventory, you can turn to us for an inventory management solution. Whether you are dealing with a bankruptcy, winding up of a company, online liquidation auction, or obsolete products we can help you.

3. PERFORMANCE. It's one thing to say that we are great at what we do. It's another thing to prove it. Merchandise USA is all about buying wholesale and overstocks. It isn't a part of our company, or one of our divisions, or something new we are trying. It is everything we do and we give it 100% of our efforts. We are wholesale liquidators who can value your excess inventory and then buy, ship and pay you immediately. We prove ourselves everyday, again and again. We buy overstock rugs, overstock furniture, bankrupt stock, obsolete stock, and discontinued products. Where can you sell any kind of closeout inventory? Right here.

4. INTEGRITY. Lets face it, we are doing business in a challenging and often difficult to understand business environment. Things we used to know don't work anymore, and some of our best customers now pay slowly or, even worse, they may be going out of business. But Merchandise USA has been a steady and reliable surplus buyer in the wholesale closeout industry for more than 30 years. Our ups and downs, and our occasional slower than anticipated sales periods are exactly that. They are ours. Which means you will always be paid quickly and on time, just as we promised. If you have inventory liquidation and you want to be paid quickly, don't look any further.

5. LONGEVITY. If you want to partner with one of the oldest and most reliable wholesale closeout companies in the industry, contact us today. Merchandise USA deals in closeouts of all retail consumer categories including closeout toys, sporting goods, housewares, giftware, handbags, stationery, crafts and much more. Whether you are dealing with overstock inventory, pallets of merchandise for sale, surplus inventory, corporate reorganization, bankruptcy or just slow moving products, Merchandise USA can help you. We respond quickly to all offers, and we are always interested in working with new vendors and establishing new relationships.

Thanks to our excellent customer and vendor relationships, in 2018 we will celebrate our 33rd year in business.

, President